The elephant retirement park has been established to create a haven for retired elephants. Formally working in building yards, it is illegal to use elephants for labor. This is drastically altered there function in society . The camps founder, Adulwit khamya, better known as Noi, has created a sustainable habitat for the elephants to live in a safe and natural environment, free from profiteering and neglect. At the elephant park family units are never separated and herbal medicines are used to keep the animals healthy and enjoy a better quality of life The elephant retirement park is proud of its strict policy of its treatment of elephants. There is no riding, chaining for beating of any kind. The sole focus of the ERP is to promote the well being of retired elephants. Visitors and volunteers to the park can expect an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with the local Mahout people to care for these majestic symbols of strength and peace.
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